Why we love what we do

Photo credit: Timestamp Studios, Lafayette CO USA

This is us: Raj, Denise and Owyn. We have been happily isolated together since March 15, 2020, only venturing out to the grocery store, the gas station and the post office (to ship masks in the empty wee hours from the kiosk).

We're the ones ironing, cutting and sewing your masks with pristine care! (And Denise designed the pattern.) We love being able to turn our skills as a crafty family into something that benefits us all! We're working 15-hour days to keep up with demand and we'll keep doing so because the feedback we've gotten has been amazing! We're proud of our triple-layer mask design and believe it exceeds the standards of many of the other masks being sold online. We believe we can all do our part and get through this!

When life gets back to normal, we hope you'll join us at one of the art and craft markets that we produce in Boulder County, Colorado and beyond. In the meantime, check out our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. When you meet us, make sure to tell us that you wore one of our Firsthand masks!

Have a question about us, our masks or anything else? Use the Contact Page and get in touch!

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Premium fabric washable and reusable face masks handmade in Boulder County, Colorado

by a healthy, reasonably sane family! We are fortunate to be stocked with lots of craft supplies

thanks to a love of crafting (and because we used to own a craft store). :)